We're a team of conservationists, hikers, outdoors people and nature enthusiasts, so obviously we believe that it's important for people to feel connected to nature.

This belief is perfectly encapsulated by two of our proudest campaigns, Just Walking and the upcoming Manapeak

Check out our blog for more information on our nature connection beliefs, and what research shows about the effects of nature on anxiety and depression!

Just Walking

Just Walking is our YouTube channel  dedicated to virtual wild walks, helping people to access nature from anywhere in the world.

Our original aim was to reach people who wouldn't be able to access these walks otherwise, and we have been honoured to receive countless messages of thanks from those enjoying our virtual hikes. 

Check out our channel below!


This new movement aims to improve peoples' lives through self discipline, health, wellbeing and importantly, bringing people outside. Check out our blogs for updates for when this launches!


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