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Updated: Mar 30

The most simple yet important thing I say is ‘get outside more’. For me, it’s become my life, but I think it’s useful to everyone.

I always thought I was an ‘outdoorsy’ person. For years I would say nature is great or the wilderness is epic, but I realised I was only outside when I happened to be outside. I wasn’t seeking it out. I wasn’t thinking about what I can get out of putting my phone away and finding some woodland.

That was until the start of 2019 when I, without really knowing why, decided to start a YouTube channel going on walks. It’s that simple. No talking. No cinematic editing. Just walking for 10-45 minutes.

Over the 11 months, i’ve gained 1000 subscribers, which I know is a drop in the pond on YouTube, but it’s huge to me. I told myself at the start that if I didn’t get any, that was just fine. Because I know deep down the real reason I was doing it was to get myself outside. To focus on nothing but finding a little hidden gem, concentrating on the camera and thinking of nothing else but walking steadily and exploring. It’s definitely become a mediation of mine.

I try to record and post at least one or two videos per week and my fiancee has made a spreadsheet of all the lovely comments people leave me. My viewers are wonderful.

Marlene via YouTube

I had tears rolling down my cheeks. Wish it was longer. THANK YOU so much for sharing. I am handicapped and can not walk 'without' YOUTUBE videos like this.

I am planning to expand a little too. Kayaking, climbing and maybe even a skydive! This channel has been a Godsend to me. It’s pushed me to explore, further my limits and it’s taught me a way of coping with the world that really works for me.

Just Walking can be found at

- Witten by Adam Woods / Creator of Just Walking

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