From the very beginning, we have tried to keep the idea simple: Create highly sustainable products and use the money we make to fund conservation

This hasn't changed one bit. We have had our ups and downs. We have realised it's not as easy as we thought. And we have come to one conclusion: WE ARE DOING THE RIGHT THING. 

Today we have three beautiful coffee blends and a range of t-shirt designs. But we have so many more ideas, including huge speeches and epic products. Help us to make an amazing tomorrow.

Giving Back

Using as much of our profits as we can, we want to fund conservation projects around the world, as well as in our own back garden here in England. 

To date, we have funded the purchase of several acres of rainforest through The World Land Trust, a wonderful charity that buys areas around the world to turn it into reserve land. We're really proud of this but we want to do so much more. We are planning on supporting other groups throughout 2020. We have hopes of helping to combat marine plastic as well as help rescue stranded animals. 

Check out our blog and social media to see what we are currently up to.


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